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Hey guys,

I'm Alex Saldanha, Scion Champion in Mississauga Ontario, just west of Toronto.

at 9:00am tomorrow morning i'll be heading to Scion Canada, to pick up the Scion iQ for the weekend. :D

Nov. 4 and 5 are Scion iQ test drive days :D
Hey Alex, how was your Scion iQ test drive? mind sharing your review on the iQ, I would love to hear from you on this.

does this mean they are arriving in canada?or just the one for you to test drive.signed,impatient...
It doesn't mean they're arriving in Canada as yet but it's a sign they will be soon enough. Scion usually does test driver prior to a vehicle release. I remember for the Scion xB they had a bunch of them being test driven by random people.
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