Hi Everyone, I am Back. ...Had this little car since 2014 ( after getting rid all my past 50 cars, yes i meant 50 cars, not mistype because driving is my big hobby ), this one would be the last car i am keeping. Only doing my oil and filter service regularly, followed the maintenance schedule, never had a problem with this little big car (bing enough for two people) as all children grown up. Only if Toyota Will make a IQ EV, i might buy another one. Too bad they stop making Scion again. What a pity. As this car is vary roomy, pick up very fast at stop light, good milage, easy handling and parking, the CVT is perfect match for the little car. Been away from the Forum for a few years, too busy taking care of my aging mom, now that she rest in peace, I have more time for myself and enjoy more driving again. I even forgot my password to log in and had to reset it. I recently installed a Front and Rear camera to my car, it is a very inexpensive Unit from Amaz. ( $43 ) but surprisingly very good, with 1080P Front and 720p rear continuously recording, after connecting to the back up light power, the rear cam serve as a back up parking guide with guide lines. Video clips is super clear. I had a couple Dash cams but they all only recording front view, even the one closed to $200 with a smaller display. (now put them in storage I used my little car transporting up to 28 feet long extension ladders, metal Scaffolding, 12 feet long vinyl siding (sitting on top of the extension ladder), with ropes tiding down to front and rear bumper frame, with the magic help of a couple pieces of car top solid foam strap down carrier (serve as cartop Bars), never a scratch to the car top and securely hold down the stuffs to the roof. (the cartop solid foam carrier from Amaz. again.The more I drive the car, the more I like it. Always had the rear seats folded down as a trunk, only had a few times with two more passengers (total 4) before the Covid 19. Hope Everyone stays happy and HEALTHY on New Year and all years after. Happy New Year 2021