I have a 2005 Scion XB. It is an amazing cars and has only given me ONE problem in over 150k miles. The fuel gauge is not reading the fuel properly. When I fill up the tank, the needle stays at or below the middle - never full. And when it DOES move higher, it takes days to move at all. I've basically timed it to get gas every 4 or 5 days depending on the distance for the week. Only once did I run it low to then fill it up. The fuel light turned on, and even after it was filled - the light did not turn off until the next day.

I've read a few threads and the vehicle manual but haven't come across anything that directly relates to this problem. Is it possible that a fuse needs to be changed? Maybe it's a fuse or sensor thing?

I am terrified to take the car to a mechanic because it runs PERFECTLY and the last thing I need is a mechanic to fuck with something else. I'm dreading the thought of taking it to a Toyota dealer because they've been trying to get me to get a new car for years and it's always a hassle every time I take it for regular maintenance.

Anybody with any info? Thanks.