Cars I've Owned
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Thread: Cars I've Owned

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    Member milligi's Avatar
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    Apr 2017

    Cars I've Owned

    I can't post in New Member since I've been here a few years while searching for my ideal iQ. Never found the 2014 series 10 that I wanted, so finally "settled" on a 2014 that showed up on a local Toyota dealer lot.
    Since I just found the "Signature" option tonight, I've added cars I've owned over the years, most of which lead me to say "if I only had that today" as perhaps most of you often think the same. Each car has a history, so I figured this would be the place to "memorialize" each with a description. So here goes:
    '53 PONTIAC CHIEFTAN Coupe - straight 8 with lighted Indian head hood ornament: 2nd owner. 1st car at age 21, in college till then so didn't need a car. Got married, sold it after about 4 years and a year later saw it advertised in the local paper and bought it back! About a year later bought a
    '55 OLDS 88 Sedan: Basically became a parts car for husband who wanted the transmission for his '50 Ford Business Coupe 6cyl. Was an omen of things to come.
    '70 OLDS 442 Cp; New. Lots of mods, stainless braided hoses, headers, stuff he sneaked by that I never saw. (Sell today for around $40K) Family car till he wanted a truck. In the meantime I bought a
    '73 VOLKSWAGEN SUPER BEETLE: New. Concurrently we had a
    '58 (JAG) XK150s which I found on a filling station back lot. It was complete but had a frozen engine block so for $900 we had it towed home where it stayed garaged about 2 years until we bought a fixer-upper house in Historical neighborhood with no street parking allowed. That's when we had to sell both the VW and the Jag. We never got the Jag running (always "someday") so to sell fast we posted in Sunday paper for $1000. Today those cars START at around $150K. Moving within spitting distance of the town square, our only transportation was his '84 Chev pickup for family of 5! Moved again after 5 years and I bought a
    '79 BUICK LESABRE Cp: Dealer used lot. Probably my all-time favorite car. In the meantime, we were going to give it to our daughter when she turned 16, so he told me to go out and buy what I wanted. I knew how he loved the 442, so I found a
    '87 BUICK GRAND NATIONAL. New. After driving it home and parking it safely in the garage, I never got to drive it again because he tore into the tranny, resetting when the gears shift, added a hood tach and other gauges under the dash, slicks, HD springs, etc., setting it up for drag racing, getting it into the high 10s. (He still owned it when he died in 2016.) I finally got mad about the GN and as a "grudge purchase" I bought a
    '92 BUICK GRAN SPORT Cp: Dealer used, black like the GN. Divorced, I moved across town. Had it about a year and traded it for a
    '96 OLDS DELTA 88 Sed: Dealer used lot. Got me to California and back 4 and 1/2 times over the next 10 years. At 1300 miles from home, the engine eventually shot craps at only 104K miles (GM's 3800s are ranked in top 10 by Wards!?!) Stranded in the Arizona desert I rented a car and once home, watched craigslist hourly for a low mileage car, a
    '01 OLDS ALERO Sed: Only 8 yrs old and 18K miles. Sporty little car w/ sunroof, etc. owned by elderly couple both in a rest home. My 2nd favorite. Signed it over to my daughter with 38K miles. She broke my heart when she totaled it after about 2 weeks. That's when my son found me a low mileage
    '03 CROWN VIC Sed: 60K miles, craigslist, individual who I think was a backyard dealer. I grew to hate the car, but it was cheap to operate and after 5 years with only 69K miles, it sold in 24 hours. Was the 3rd car in a row where I literally had no car to drive, but I'd already found my "dream car" a
    '14 SCION iQ: Dealer, 3rd owner. And the rest is history, still to be written. I've said of all since the '96 Olds, that it would be my last, but they didn't work out that way....maybe this one will.

    Thanks for reading. I hope this took you for a walk down YOUR memory lane.
    Last edited by milligi; 07-13-2019 at 03:11 AM.
    78-year old Female Living Her Dream (2014 iQ) on Limited Income.
    '53 Pontiac Cp; '55 Olds 88 Cp; '70 442; '73 SuperBeetle;
    '58 XK150s; '79 LeSabre Cp; '87 Grand National;
    '92 Gran Sport; '01 Alero Sed; '03 CrownVic Sed (ugh!)

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    Senior Member Engineer_Boo's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    Monument, Colorado
    Wow, Milligi, you've owned a lot of vehicles!! My list of cars for me and the Mrs:

    1977 Ford Mustang II (just a rebadged POS Pinto)...I bought it in 79, used, and it broke down on the drive last Ford for MANY year
    Late-70's Pontiac Ventura...2-door (in-line 6) bought in 83 while serving in the Air Force in the Philippines...bought from another AF guy for cheap...had NOTHING electronic and no A/C but got us to/from the base (we lived off-base)...sold it when we left for what I paid for it in 85
    1983 Pontiac Aries (K-Car) 4-door...(4-cyl) bought this used from an AF instructor in West Texas...loved it (had A/C) but had an awful stickshift the Mrs couldn't drive so only had it for 6 months then traded for a
    1985 Chevy Cavalier 4-door...(4-cyl) used (a year old) good family car and got good mileage but started having many problems after just a few years...learned a lot of things fixing it all the time
    1989 Chevy Cavalier Z-24 2-door (V-6)...our very first new car, my first V-6...should've waited a year because AF sent us to Alaska but brought it up there, anyway (Anchorage) but it was heavy and front-wheel drive did okay in the snow/ice...had this car for a long time but engine did seize up at right over 100K miles and I had her rebuilt but she wasn't the same...daughter drove for a while then sold to a High School kid around 2002
    1995 Ford Windstar...our first minivan (V-6) our first (and last) leased vehicle. Drove it from Alaska through Canada to Maine camping in a tent (great family memories) then to Texas for my Air Force job. Turned it in after 2 years and got...
    1997 Ford Escort...4-door, (4-cyl)...mostly my wifes car but she loved this time, my Mom died so my Dad gave me his old 1992 Ford F-150 truck (basic model) but only had that for about a year as it was in Maine all those years and brake lines were all rusted and on the verge of failing..traded it in for a family van
    2005 Toyota Tacoma...(V-6) favorite of all my problems with this and used to pull our 18-foot camper all over Colorado until 2014
    2000 Chrysler Voyager Van... (4-cyl)...we loved this van but I was worried about the engine as it would get dirty after just 1,000 miles. My sister went through a very rough divorce in 2008 so I gave it to her and my wife got a
    2008 Toyota Corolla ...4-door (4-cyl)...awesome car with zero problems
    2013 Scion iQ...bought this for a commuter car and still driving her, today, just went over 75,000 miles
    2014 Toyota Tundra, TRD Max Crew first V-8 and traded in the Tacoma because we bought a larger (32-foot) camper and need more power to pull it....awesome truck!
    2017 Toyota Prius 2...daughter totaled her car so wife sold her Corolla to her (cheap) and was going to replace it with another Corolla but saw the Prius, test drove, and fell in love...we just put 5,000 miles on her driving to/from Maine from Colorado to visit her Dad who turned got just under 60 mpg..amazing car!

    I've, also, loved motorcycles and have owned everything from 750cc to scooters but, today, no longer drive them...too many distracted drivers on their cell phones, it's just not safe enough, imho.
    Rick "Boo"
    Monument, Colorado

    2013 Scion iQ (commuter car)
    2017 Toyota Prius 2 (wife's car)
    2013 Forest River Rockwood RV (33-foot camper trailer)
    2014 Toyota Tundra 4x4 TRD Off-Road (for snow/ice, hauling stuff, and pulls camper)

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    Aug 2019
    3've owned more cars than the number of outfits I own.

    As these cars have come and gone out of your life, do you have any other niche of collectibles you own?

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    Nov 2020
    i remember first car i owned was fiat panda ! oh man it was really bad
    say something

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