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: Engine and Transmission Discussion

  1. Oil consumption
  2. Not starting after being on for a few seconds..
  3. Looking for a wrecked iQ to make a dual engine monster...
  4. stuck serpentine belt tensioner
  5. Anyone Install a Cold Air System?
  6. Slow acceleration problems
  7. 2012 IQ A/C Compressor "Not getting power"
  8. Time Sens: Fluid changes at midas? Oops!
  9. Oil Loss
  10. No manual need your help
  11. Engine Code P0302
  12. 12V Battery, BCI Group 25?
  13. Performance Chips
  14. Blitz Nur Spec C-Ti Exhaust
  15. Serpintine Belt Came Off!!!!!
  16. E85 Tune on Stock Fuel Lines?
  17. Still Chasing Down an Irritating Drivetrain Noise
  18. Just Got Rid of a Very Annoying Rattle
  19. Cylinder head problems?
  20. Braket Dimension needed for rotrex supercharger
  21. Oil Catch Can for the USA iQ?
  22. winter olympics 2018
  23. Slight rattling noise during idel when engine is cold
  24. Scion iQ CVT Fluid Change
  25. P0302 Code (Spark plug)
  26. newspaper and eating all day while bossing
  27. Oil consumming
  28. Electrical / Battery Issues and "weird" temporary solution / need permanent solution
  29. Oil pressure light on at idle! Help!
  30. Very weak acceleration
  31. Need help with part number for E39 glovebox
  32. Anyone understand how the CVT operates???
  33. How's the Scion IQ on Highway?
  34. Audi A4 and Infiniti g35 Engine?
  35. 2013 Engine and Transmission Issues?
  36. 1.33 6spd EE63 Gearbox WOrkshop manual Needed
  37. Transmission problems
  38. Engine reliability
  39. Exhaust idea
  40. Manual 6 speed transmission swap. Advice please.
  41. What is your idle speed?
  42. Anyone install the DC sports exhaust?
  43. Rattling coming from passenger side Wheel Well?
  44. Performance Intake for the 1.0L 3 cylinder iQ?? Anyone out there in the UK market?
  45. GF performance chip
  46. How many of you guys drive in rain with your CAI or SRI?
  47. Total loss of power!
  48. ECU remapping for Boost Cut
  49. What other cars like Scion IQ?
  50. Is there a "procedure" for our iQ to reset throttle response?
  51. Toyota IQ.....?? Hybird ?
  52. How come people buy scions?
  53. Low vibration in CVT transmission
  54. Is the 2012 Scion iQ available with cruise control?
  55. Which is more fuel efficient, overdrive on or overdrive off in automatic transmission
  56. Will the Aston Martin Cygnet be powered by a regular Toyota iQ 1.3L engine?
  57. Are they going to release a 2013 Scion xB?
  58. How's the Scion IQ on Highway?
  59. Will the Aston Martin Cygnet be powered by a regular Toyota iQ 1.3L engine?
  60. CVT remapping
  61. DC Short Ram Intake Question (Vibration)
  62. charcoal canister hum.
  63. dc sport exhaust rattle
  64. Transmisson fluid
  65. HPS Performance (RED)
  66. Engine Swap?
  67. My turn
  68. What is the scion IQ inbound spline count and dimensions?
  69. This sound is terrorizing me!!!
  70. iQ stalled when too many devices plugged into cigarette lighter?!
  71. while driving problems
  72. engine wash?
  73. My iQ seems to be 'bogging' at low RPMs...
  74. upgraded engine mount for Scion IQ?
  75. Cold Air Intakes: the Verdict?
  76. 'Manual' start-stop system?
  77. Any upgrades compatible with 2014?
  78. So far...so good, replacing the motor was the remedy...
  79. Iq shuts off when a/c is turned off
  80. let's race!
  81. Megan Racing Catback Dyno
  82. iQ with shuttering and starting problem
  83. Vaper locking?
  84. Final Pics of Engine Bay
  85. Scion iQ MR (Mid-engine, Rear wheel drive)
  86. Engine swap for Scion/Toyota iQ
  87. megan catback question
  88. cold air intake
  89. gas pedal/steering wheel vibrating with acceleration problem
  90. A minor problem?
  91. Engine Coolant Light + How Long to "Warm Up"?
  92. Oil change 5w20 vs 0w20 need help!!
  93. Cold Air Intake for 2013?
  94. Lemon Law Buy-Back process initiated...
  95. Iq catback available!!
  96. Scion IQ BAWSS Intake Review
  97. Reflash, ECU Reprogram
  98. Buzzing sound?
  99. iQ Speed Cut-off (Govenor)?!?!?
  100. North American 2012 IQ stalling at stoplights
  101. Is 5W20 okay to put in IQ instead of manual recommended 0W20?
  102. Best fuel to use?
  103. Used IQ?
  104. My Rotating Growling Motor Noise
  105. When can we get a Diesel Engine in the IQ?
  106. Trans jerking
  107. general info about engine
  108. Shifting To Neutral
  109. CVT whine
  110. Check engine light on, Trac. control Off light on
  111. DC Sport exhaust
  112. Where can I buy a 5spd and/or 6spd transmission
  113. Supercharger for the scion IQ
  115. In Your Opinion, what are the BEST PERFORMANCE MODS?
  116. Crunchy Starter
  117. Spark Plugs
  118. Exhaust Sound Clips
  119. Magnalow Performance Exhaust
  120. After market exhaust
  121. Starter type noise
  122. Attn: Owners With "Piston Slap" Noise
  123. Motor is shaking the car
  124. we want a 6-speed manual scion IQ in america!
  125. TURBO any one?
  126. My Q cranks but doesn't start. Any thoughts???
  127. Auxiliary fuel tank?
  128. Fuel Usage
  129. Is my iQ getting faster?
  130. NRG Innovations Ground Wire Kit and Voltage Stabilizer for the iQ
  131. Extended Full Coverage Warranty
  132. CVT Not Starting In Low Ratio
  133. Scratchy sound on startup
  134. Follow up dealer exp. For a/c blower burn out
  135. Motor Noise Problem
  136. A/c motor/fan underpowered ? Anyone else having this issue
  137. Reverse Gear on CVT
  138. Magnaflow 1 3/4" Cat-back exhaust
  139. Noob- Shifty feeling CVT
  140. Cold air intake cosmetics added
  141. Magnaflow and Injen Upgrade
  142. New Injen CAI SP Series (not the short ram)
  143. Couple issues.
  144. My first problem...
  145. Best Intake? Dyno results
  146. Iq with straight pipe!!!!
  147. CVT fluid level check
  148. 1st Issue with my IQ
  149. want to spend money and bodybuild your engine?
  150. Thoughts on the iQ CVT
  151. Who's got the most miles?
  152. Free oil change for life !!!
  153. 5000 Mile Service & First Oil Change at 4600 Miles
  154. Turbo
  155. Coolant light on after cold start
  156. Anyone know if this oil cap will work?
  157. Thank you Odyssey Battery!
  158. DC Sports intake for iQ
  159. paddles in canada
  160. Hey Canadian owners - something relatively new I guess: 1st maintenance now free
  161. Slowtogo.
  162. Increasing Horse power
  163. Fuel pump stayed on
  164. Use your free oil changes...
  165. Air Intake
  166. Do you 'shift' your iQ?
  167. Cold Air Kit installed
  168. Engine Problems - Report Them Here
  169. 4 pipe exhaust
  170. Has anyone tried the Fumoto Qwikvalve on their vehicle?
  171. Do you use any oil additives like oil stabilizers?
  172. What brand of oil would you use for your iQ?
  173. Big drop in RPM
  174. Engine technology lacking in this car (and most cars in the US)?
  175. Is there any benefit on using Seafoam on a brand new iQ?
  176. Would E3 spark plugs actually make a difference in the iQ?
  177. What kind of gas do you use in your iQ? Premium or Regular?
  178. Whats better for the iQ: Synthetic or Conventional?
  179. Traction Control
  180. How often should I change my oil?
  181. Will little bit more power help on MPG?
  182. Engine slow to warm
  183. ScanGauge Installation
  184. DC Sports cold air intake on the way...
  185. 1.4l D diesel IQ w/ 6 spd trans
  186. Exhaust Extension Pipe
  187. IQ's High Performance Engine
  188. No Plans For Manual Transmission At All
  189. Turbocharging and Supercharging FAQ
  190. Engine swap option for the IQ
  191. Least expensive way to boost power in the Scion IQ
  192. Turbo the Scion IQ?
  193. What to do when your car overheats
  194. 2011 Scion iQ turbocharged
  195. engine mods for the iQ
  196. MPG numbers for the Toyota iQ?
  197. CVT Transmission for 2011 Scion iQ
  198. Same engine as Toyota
  199. Automatic or Stick Shift....What will you choose?
  200. What type of gas will it take?
  201. Any engine pictures?
  202. Scion's way of helping you get better MPG: Ecolamp
  203. What type of engine?